New Moon

OMG! I saw New Moon the day after it came out, and it was AWESOME! I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD! I’ll probably just watch it over and over again! And Taylor Lautner is so AWESOME! I’ve read all the books and just love the movie. Although the movie was great I’m not quite sure if i like the ending or not! Anyways it was so AWESOME!!!

The Raging Bull

I recently went to Great America with my babysitter. The first thing we rode was the Raging Bull. This was my first time on the Raging Bull (since my brother isn’t tall enough.) It was so awesome! The first drop was the best! I wish I could ride it over and over and over again!


Hey everybody! Haven’t blog a whole lot during the summer so far. But a couple days ago I went to the Par-King with my brother and baby siter for my brother’s birthday. The Par-King is this wacky golfing place (I should say mini golfing place) with isane courses. There is a roller coaster one where you try to shoot the golf ball into an elevator like thing that lifts up the golfball and puts it through a track like a rollar coaster it was soooooo fun!

Field Day

Today was Field Day at our school! The theme this year was Survivor Island! My favorite activity was Tug-of-War! First it was the boy’s against the girl’s; and the girl’s won 2 times! Then it was Mrs. Shirley’s & Mrs. Fritz class against my class, Mrs. Milgi’s class; and we won 2 times! And last it was the 11 year olds against the 10 year olds; 11 year olds won! There were 9 activities total, it was so fun! For lunch we orded McDonald’s Happy Meals! They were awsome! Also our wonderful teacher’s son brought us a cake from Sam’s that was Buttermilk Frosting & Marble Cake! It was so GOOD! It was an awesome last field day at my elementary school!

President’s Award For Educational Excellence

Today our school had a recognition assembely! There was a ton of awards for, band, perfect attendance, learning a new language, and much more! The year they had a new award; it is the President’s Award For Education Excellence! This is for strraight A students through the whole year! What you get is a certificit signed by, Arnie Duncan (The U.S. Secretary of Education) & Barack Obama! You also receive a pin with the U.S. Eagle on it! I was so excited to recieve this award!